Yeoman 2nth generator with easier and opinionated workflow.     Warning Project is still in development! Please see project milestones to see when the first production ready version will come out.   Description GG2 (generator-generator2) try to remove the… Read More


         Extends gitbook build system with pandoc converter.     Description GPB (gitbook-plugin-build) extends gitbook build system with pandoc converter. Pandoc is your swiss-army knife when it comes to coverting files. GPB use pandoc build system to convert and compile your book in variety… Read More


       JSDoc plugin which connects inline comments & mocha tests specs with docs elements.     Description JPST (jsdoc-plugin-testSpec) is jsdoc’s plugin which connects inline comments & mocha tests specs with docs elements. Lets see example of files and what… Read More


Headhunt application is database scraper for API users on which it implements custom and optimized search queries to find the right person for your job! GNU General Public License v3.0 Copyright 2007 Free Software Foundation Documentation Here is… Read More


         Opinionated socket lib, helping you to build REST like arhitecture socket API.     Description WR.js (websocketRest.js) wraps websocket lib and creates more developer friendly arhitecture for creating backend socket API. I started developing this library to have socket… Read More


Linux post installation helper for install and config. your custom linux system. Tell me more! After installing linux os you want to setup the programms that you will be using (window manager, terminal, vim, etc…). You can install… Read More

       Remove multiple if/elif/else statements with decision table!     Description ( was created to simplify python code which holds huge amount of logic (if/elif/else). To make decision base on decision table you create simple CSV like… Read More