Headhunt application is database scraper for API users on which it implements custom and optimized search queries to find the right person for your job!

GNU General Public License v3.0 Copyright 2007 Free Software Foundation


Here is documentation for application. If something is missing create new issue in VCS.


  1. First download latest Java JRE.
  2. Click on application jar file and follow instructions.

Issue and feature request

Add new issue in Github VCS.


Scraper management

To add new scraper go to Vimeo API developers and click on My Apps. And click on Create a new app. Fill all required fields and click Create app. Then click on created app and click on Authentication and after that Generate Token. Application will need the Your new Access token string when new scraper will be added to application. After you get Access token. To to application and follow File > New... > Scraper. And fill all the fields. In query you must put the string or character on which application will scraper. For example good queryes would be a,b,c, .... If you pass a in query field the scraper will scrape all users that can be searched with a character. To edit or delete scraper click on Scrapers tab and double click on scraper name that you want to update. After that you can fix the scrapers values.

Database management

You can manage database by exporting and importing. Follow File > Database > ... and select what you would like to do with the database. On export the application will export all database to <appName>.tar.gz file. With import you can import the same file that application was exporting.

Database searching

To search database. Follow Edit > Find... > ... and click what you like to find. Pass the string that you would like to find and be aware about specijal character % which means anything before or after. See the examples and their explanations.


  1. %stop motion% Will look for <any-string>stop motion<any-string>.
  2. stop motion% Will find for stop motion<any-string.
  3. %stop%motion% Will find for <any-string>stop<any-string>motion<any-string.

Headhunt information

When you make new search query. Items in Headhunt tab will update. Double click on table item and Headhunt window will show which will provide with all user information on one place.

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