I fall in love in python with introduction of type module, and with strong support from PyCharm IDE the programming with python became beautiful symphony. I love to code in Python regardless of whether it is for GUI, CLI or data science projects. Libraries I love and work with include OpenCV, PyQt, NumPy, scikit-learn, Keras Prompt-toolkit, Cement Framework, PyQtGraph, etc…


GUI dev.

I created many complex application for QA testing automatization, monitorinig and administration purposes. I’m mainly using QA python binding library PyQt and JavaFx with witch I have never failed to deliver high quality cross-platform software.



Burning fan of linux which I’m customizing and scripting all the time to achive high performance and high productive programming environment. I’ve written code mostly for Debian and Ubuntu flavors. I’m well experienced in linux administration and automatization. I want to grow old with ubuntu, i3 (window manager), Zshell, ranger, oh-my-zsh, Vim, terminator!



My favorite language for creating high performance REST-full and WebSocket non blocking servers. I love NPM (Node-Package-Manager) and simplicity with witch you can create and manage your own libraries. I hold high regard for libraries like Vue, Express,, Async, Typescript, Request, Browserify, Gulp, Pm2, Underscore, etc…


Web dev.

Many times in my programming career I had to developed monitoring dashboards for services, bots, webhooks. My preferred web framework is Vue but I have been using Angular too.


Data science

I have extensive knowledge about data science from my college days in Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the fields of visualization, data extraction, statistics, deep neural networks but unfortunately I have not been able to create long lasting projects. Most of the projects were quite small. My wish is to become data scientist. 🙂



I have created small personal Android applications that I am using for my personal agendas, but there is still to much googling for solutions. With Kotlin becoming first class citizen for Android development I want to learn more about Android development because Kotlin is somehow similar to Python! 🙂